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Login to cPanel
You can use three URL's to access cPanel login page:

1. Server FQDN name as: (where XXX should be replaced by server name (sent to You via email earlier) as: cpa,cpb,cpc,...)
2. Customer owned domain as
3. Customer owned domain as http://

cPanel username and password have been sent to You via e-mail. To reset/restore Your usernames password - You must know excact account username. Username is shown also in customerarea near ordered webhostingaccount as: np1234* or r1234**.

1. To restore Your cPanel accounts password, go to cPanel login page and click on: Reset Password. 
2. To Username field, enter Your cPanel account username as: np1234* või r1234**. Click: Reset Password
3. On next page Contact Email Address , You should enter Your contact e-mail (It is the same as in customerarea). If You are nit shure which email is used, check the hint on that page! If You have entered correct contact e-mail, hit button: Send Security Code
4. cPanel system will automaticly send security code (for authentication) in next 5-10 minutes to contact e-mail. Upon recieving code via e-mail, enter it to proper field: Security Code. Click on Submit
5. Upon proper verification, You will be redirected to password reset page where You must enter new password twice (New Password and Confirm password) and click on Set Password. (NB! Please check also password strenght indicator - system does not allow weak passwords!)
6. New password is set and You can log on to Your cPanel account.